Ah, the illusive AirBnB property… but, the question on everyone’s lips is “are they actually worth the investment?” Well, if you’ve always wondered how to select a profitable investment property, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m no property buying guru.

If however, you’re short of a few clues on how to style and list your recently purchased pad, CONGRATULATIONS… I may just be the sometimes blogger, always property styler you seek. Plus, I have an ‘in’ with photographer extraordinaire Benni Knop (no relation of course) who will add the extra photographic pizazz that your place needs to grab the attention, and clicks, of hotel-phobic travellers worldwide. Here’s a recent property that I styled in Melbourne for a young couple trying their hand at entrepreneurialism.

As you can see, your properties needn’t be dull… heck no! You can really have some fun with it. It’s not all balloons and party streamers though. You need an eye for style and sound knowledge of what AirBnBers seek. So, here are my top tips for winning at life. Okay just for styling your place. But if you’re not up for the challenge, contact me here, and I’ll be round in two shakes of a cocktail shaker to spruce that place right up.

#1 It’s not about you and what you love: I know you’re a big fan of flannelette sheets and that polka dot shower cap. My gosh, who isn’t?! But (truth bomb) they don’t fly so well in an AirBnB. Keep things homely, but super stylish.

#2 It’s not a marathon, it’s a sprint. Time is money and you want to get that property booked ASAP. Start your competitor and product research online as soon as you can. Pinterest is your best friend now. I say that as if it wasn’t already…

#3 It’s the little things that make the difference. Yes the sofa choice is important. Yes, I know they can’t sleep without a bed. But, don’t forget to spend as much time thinking about all decorator pieces that will give you that extra spesh vibe, like artisan tea (if only so you can write ‘artisan tea’ in your listing like a hipster boss).

#4 No, your Nokia 7650 will not cut it. You can spend all the time in the world styling your place, but if you take photos like a 70 year old tourist with an iPad, your listing just won’t perform. Or, if you’re a little camera shy, and in Melbourne, call this guy.

#5 Know your budget and make sure it’s realistic. This is about knowing when to save and when to splurge. Those quilt covers will get a real work out in the washing machine, so don’t go cheap and end up with something crunchier than a brunt burrito. Those prints for the wall however? Helllllooooo Society6!

Byron Bay

Straight up, I’m wiling to confess that I had never been to Byron Bay until our recent family holiday. But, don’t let my lack of experience fool you. I researched this trip like an expectant mother preparing for child birth, without the sleepless nights and hormonal anxiety. The beaches, the food, the shopping, the accommodation, the vibe- I had an Excel spreadsheet to cover it all. And after 12 glorious days of sunshine, sandcastles and over-priced green smoothies, it’s fair to say that Byron Bay and I go together like D’affinois and a good pinot.

So, now that you’ve seen the all the good bits (the pictures), I won’t bore you by retelling countless tales from our holiday adventure, I’ll just give it to you straight. Here is my definitive Top 5 list… of Top 5 lists, for Byron Bay.

Where to lust after homewares that don’t fit in your suitcase:

  1. Newrybar Merchants (everything, just… everything)
  2. Pop & Scott and Pampa (two brands, one great location, perfection collaboration)
  3. Bisque Traders (a warehouse full of bohemian goodness)
  4. Ahoy Trader (you know the name, now visit the store)
  5. Nikau Store (a crazy plant lady’s dream)
    Special Mention: Marr-kett, Byron Bay (there were just too many to choose from)

Where to find clothes to help you seamlessly transition to a Byron local:

  1. Spell (shop, then have a breather in their luxe bohemian garden)
  2. Miss Brown Vintage (curated vintage for the lazy op-shopper… that’s me)
  3. Auguste (Byron Bay native does Byron Bay style… to perfection)
  4. Mister Zimi (the prints!… my gosh, the prints)
  5. Thrills Co (I dare you to shop there and not feel like a damn rock star)

Where to feed your face:

  1. Harvest (“foraged” ingredients, kid-friendly and hands down the BEST meal we ate)
  2. The Mez Club (G&Ts, whipped feta dip and corn chips, need I say more?)
  3. Three Blue Ducks (ingredients from The Farm onsite, that’s real local for you)
  4. Folk or Woods (same same, but different)
  5. Byron Fresh Cafe (go for the food, stay for the photo opportunity)
    Special Mention: The Top Shop (How often can I do this before it becomes a Top 6 list?) 

Where to get natured and stuff: 

  1. Cape Byron (you’ll want to take your good camera for this one)
  2. The Pass (do not pass up the chance to see this surfer’s paradise)
  3. The Farm (cute animals, sustainable farming, kid-friendly tours and great food, tick tick tick tick)
  4. Killen Falls (the walk there was killen me, but it was well worth the climb)
  5. Wategos Beach (sun, sand, surf, you get the picture)

Where to sleep and relax (if you’re sans a teething toddler): 

  1. The Byron at Byron (bonus points for yoga classes, kid-friendly staff and a beautiful boardwalk)
  2. Atlantic (If it’s good enough for Mr Jason Grant, it’s good enough for me)
  3. Elements (new kid on the block, this place has all the trimmings)
  4. Byron Beach Abodes (not kid-friendly, which did not stop me from having a sticky-beak)
  5. Air BnB (honestly, there are just so many people making coin off their designer beach houses)


Would I call myself a brunch person? Well, that all depends on your definition of course. But if you’d say an obsessive food-photographing, Broadsheet-studying, avocado-smashing, artisan tea-drinking, flower-garnishing Melbournian is a fan, well… I guess I’m a “fan”. Despite my cafe frequenting, I had thought I’d keep my interior styling to homes and events. But, like hipsters to deconstructed coffee, I’m drawn to new and interesting projects. So, you can imagine my enthusiasm when Carolyn called and asked if Folkhouse would be keen to tackle its first café interior project.

If you’ve been following Folkhouse on Instagram of late, you’ll know I’ve barely mentioned this project… Alright, so I’ve photobombed you with café pics. But regardless, allow me to elaborate here. With furniture and flooring fixed, I focused on the walls and ceiling to make the large space feel more inviting. We created different zones using bespoke room dividers, plants and pendant lighting and added a fresh green and neutral colour palette to the stark black and white interior. Clever, right?! All of the changes were done to make maximum impact on a minimal budget.

Look, we’d all love a lazy $100k to spend on renovating a café. In fact, if like us, you’ve recently moved from café-hogging Richmond to the contrastingly sparse outer eastern burbs, you’ve probably also made plans to open and run your own, usually whilst eating an over-cooked poached egg on Helga’s toast.  Afterall, hospitality experience is overrated when you’ve eaten at so many, right?! But, if you’re a café or shop owner, and a cost-effective revamp or update is more your style, Folkhouse is here to listen, research, design and style for you.



It’s not every day you get the opportunity to style a friend’s bedroom, simultaneously (and unexpectedly) launching your own styling and lifestyle business. The “cool & grey” room holds a special place in my heart and my Instragram feed. It was my first interior styling project outside of the comfort of my own digs, which is of course in a constant state of styling… re-styling… styling again. Clients, Michelle and Christian are a little NYC cool, a little Hamptons chic and a little modern Scandi. With a grey palette in mind, centred around the amazing Encore bed from King Living, we were off and racing.

In a move that’s not necessarily ‘the norm’, this was an e-styling project. “How very Millennial of you”, I hear you say. Well, allow me to sing the praises of e-styling for just a moment. When you sign-up for an e-styling consultation with Folkhouse, you not only get an abundance of happy visuals that help you to see how your space will be transformed, you get to do it all from the comfort of your own couch with your phone or tablet in hand. Sounds like a normal Wednesday night? That’s exactly what I thought. The beauty of e-styling is not only in the convenience, but also the cost-effectiveness. Less travel and time for me = less cashola for you.

So, if you’d like to try some e-styling to give your place a much needed face-lift, head on over to the contact page so we can chat.

3… 2… 1… LAUNCH!

 launch day

Well, you’ve found me here on the big wide web which means, I have officially launched Folkhouse.

Cue nervous high five…

This is only the beginning, with lots of photos, articles, fabulous events and beautiful homes still to come. I hope you’ll visit us again soon to see the journey unfold. Or, if you’re all about social media on your smart phone, you can also find some fun and inspiration on Instagram (@folkhouse) and Pinterest (fhinteriors) or by clicking on the icons below.