Byron Bay

Straight up, I’m wiling to confess that I had never been to Byron Bay until our recent family holiday. But, don’t let my lack of experience fool you. I researched this trip like an expectant mother preparing for child birth, without the sleepless nights and hormonal anxiety. The beaches, the food, the shopping, the accommodation, the vibe- I had an Excel spreadsheet to cover it all. And after 12 glorious days of sunshine, sandcastles and over-priced green smoothies, it’s fair to say that Byron Bay and I go together like D’affinois and a good pinot.

So, now that you’ve seen the all the good bits (the pictures), I won’t bore you by retelling countless tales from our holiday adventure, I’ll just give it to you straight. Here is my definitive Top 5 list… of Top 5 lists, for Byron Bay.

Where to lust after homewares that don’t fit in your suitcase:

  1. Newrybar Merchants (everything, just… everything)
  2. Pop & Scott and Pampa (two brands, one great location, perfection collaboration)
  3. Bisque Traders (a warehouse full of bohemian goodness)
  4. Ahoy Trader (you know the name, now visit the store)
  5. Nikau Store (a crazy plant lady’s dream)
    Special Mention: Marr-kett, Byron Bay (there were just too many to choose from)

Where to find clothes to help you seamlessly transition to a Byron local:

  1. Spell (shop, then have a breather in their luxe bohemian garden)
  2. Miss Brown Vintage (curated vintage for the lazy op-shopper… that’s me)
  3. Auguste (Byron Bay native does Byron Bay style… to perfection)
  4. Mister Zimi (the prints!… my gosh, the prints)
  5. Thrills Co (I dare you to shop there and not feel like a damn rock star)

Where to feed your face:

  1. Harvest (“foraged” ingredients, kid-friendly and hands down the BEST meal we ate)
  2. The Mez Club (G&Ts, whipped feta dip and corn chips, need I say more?)
  3. Three Blue Ducks (ingredients from The Farm onsite, that’s real local for you)
  4. Folk or Woods (same same, but different)
  5. Byron Fresh Cafe (go for the food, stay for the photo opportunity)
    Special Mention: The Top Shop (How often can I do this before it becomes a Top 6 list?) 

Where to get natured and stuff: 

  1. Cape Byron (you’ll want to take your good camera for this one)
  2. The Pass (do not pass up the chance to see this surfer’s paradise)
  3. The Farm (cute animals, sustainable farming, kid-friendly tours and great food, tick tick tick tick)
  4. Killen Falls (the walk there was killen me, but it was well worth the climb)
  5. Wategos Beach (sun, sand, surf, you get the picture)

Where to sleep and relax (if you’re sans a teething toddler): 

  1. The Byron at Byron (bonus points for yoga classes, kid-friendly staff and a beautiful boardwalk)
  2. Atlantic (If it’s good enough for Mr Jason Grant, it’s good enough for me)
  3. Elements (new kid on the block, this place has all the trimmings)
  4. Byron Beach Abodes (not kid-friendly, which did not stop me from having a sticky-beak)
  5. Air BnB (honestly, there are just so many people making coin off their designer beach houses)

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