Would I call myself a brunch person? Well, that all depends on your definition of course. But if you’d say an obsessive food-photographing, Broadsheet-studying, avocado-smashing, artisan tea-drinking, flower-garnishing Melbournian is a fan, well… I guess I’m a “fan”. Despite my cafe frequenting, I had thought I’d keep my interior styling to homes and events. But, like hipsters to deconstructed coffee, I’m drawn to new and interesting projects. So, you can imagine my enthusiasm when Carolyn called and asked if Folkhouse would be keen to tackle its first café interior project.

If you’ve been following Folkhouse on Instagram of late, you’ll know I’ve barely mentioned this project… Alright, so I’ve photobombed you with café pics. But regardless, allow me to elaborate here. With furniture and flooring fixed, I focused on the walls and ceiling to make the large space feel more inviting. We created different zones using bespoke room dividers, plants and pendant lighting and added a fresh green and neutral colour palette to the stark black and white interior. Clever, right?! All of the changes were done to make maximum impact on a minimal budget.

Look, we’d all love a lazy $100k to spend on renovating a café. In fact, if like us, you’ve recently moved from café-hogging Richmond to the contrastingly sparse outer eastern burbs, you’ve probably also made plans to open and run your own, usually whilst eating an over-cooked poached egg on Helga’s toast.  Afterall, hospitality experience is overrated when you’ve eaten at so many, right?! But, if you’re a café or shop owner, and a cost-effective revamp or update is more your style, Folkhouse is here to listen, research, design and style for you.


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